Importing into Maya

1. Import the .obj file that you created for the morph base.

Once you have the model in Maya, you should run all of the verify commands, and outline commands that you shouldalways use on a model. The polygonal geometry you get may not be 100% satisfactory, and you should run all of the checks you can before you proceed. When you are sure the data is suitable, copy the head across the axis to complete the model.

bug morph base

2. Repeat the process for the Morph Target.

Complete the morph target the way that was described above.

bug morph target

After you have completed both models, check the polygon and vertex count for each to be sure that they are identical. Once you have completed all of the appropriate checks, use "Blend Shape" to create the morph. Using this method, you should be able to use the "Check topology" option to create the morph.