Alignment Tools

1. Use "Project Tangent" to create smooth curve transitions.

Project Tangent creates a tangency condition at the point where a curve coincides with the edge of a surface. The process for using project tangent requires that you first select a curve, then the isoparm on the adjacent surface that you want the curve to line up with.

The tangent scale can be adjusted by Pulling and pushing the blue box along the arrow. The tangent angle can be adjusted by clicking and dragging along the radii where arrow lies. These parameters can also be adjusted using the dialog box options.
Project Tangent Dialog Box Project Tangent Tool
project tangent dialog box project tangent tool
2. Square Surfaces

Normally it is not a good idea to use the continuity options in the square surface dialog box. These options cause the parameterization of the surfaces to be very uneven at points where the surfaces come together.

However, the process outlined here requires that all of the surfaces we build are rebuilt to maintain identical isoparm counts on all four sides. Because we are rebuilding the surfaces, it is not crucial that the surfaces we build have even parameterization at this time.

Using the Square Surface continuity options may save some time later on when we are using other tools to align the surfaces.
Square Surface Dialog Box Square Surface
square surface dialog box square surface