More Alignment Tools Continued

3. Attach and Detach

When you have 4 adjacent surfaces that have been rebuilt to the proper subdivisions, you may have a condition where they cannot be easily aligned using the align or align mesh tools. A simple and elegant solution is to use the attach tool to align the surface.

The technique to be used here is to find a place where four surfaces come together, attach two adjacent surfaces (on the U side of the surface, for example), then detach at the isoparm where the surfaces attached, attach the surface on the other side (on the V side), then detach. Continue until you have attached and detached all four surfaces on all four borders.

4. Attach-Smooth-Detach

This is a variation of the attach and detach method. Often when you attach a surface, there can be a ridge that occurs where the surfaces come together. One way to get rid of this ridge is to use the smooth command.  Using Pick-> Point Types-> Hull, select the hulls where the ridge occurs. Use the smooth function to average out the points in this area.

When you have finished smoothing the points, detach the surface to create an even grid again.
Smooth Dialog Box Smooth Example
smooth panel smooth example

5. Attach-PropMod-Detach

This is another variation of Attach->Detach.  While the surfaces are attached, you can adjust some of the harsh point where surfaces come together using Proportional Modification. This tool allows flexible deformation of surfaces by pulling one point, and having the surrounding points blend into the rest of the surface.

When you have completed adjusting the surface, detach the surface to create the grid again.
Proportional Modification Dialog Box Proportional Modification Example
prop mod panel prop mod