Converting to Polygons

1. Render Stats

Because we have used surfaces that align on all sides, and have all of the isoparms that align, the surface to polygon conversion is very straightforward. While it is possible to use the Render Stats window to adjust the polygon conversion, it is not necessary to adjust the subdivisions in this window. You should, however, make all of the surfaces single-sided. Once you have done this you will find that you have a lot of surfaces that are facing the wrong side.

Turn on the "Toggle Shade" mode, and use Object Edit -> Reverse to flip surfaces so they all face forward.
Render Stats
render stats
2. Converting Polygons

When you have finished getting all of the surfaces flipped in the correct direction, you can finish converting by using the Polygons -> Create Polygons function. Select the surfaces that you want to convert and bring up the dialog box shown below by calling the function.

Use the Uniform conversion mode, and Quads for cleanest conversion. again, since we created a mesh with all of the sides that align, we can use a uniform conversion at any resolution we choose.
Polygon Conversion Window
convert polys