Detach and Rebuild Surfaces

1. Detach surfaces to create a surface network that can be aligned on all four sides.

The surfaces that you created in the initial surfaces step were only partially ready to be aligned. In order to have a surface network that is ready to create a uniform mesh from, you need to first detach the surfaces that were created across the boundaries or adjoining surfaces. The image on the left shows the initial surfaces highlighted. The image on the right shows the areas where you need to detach the larger surfaces to create smaller patches that can be aligned on all four sides.
Un-Detached Initial Surfaces Detached Initial Surfaces
surface Outlines detached outlines
2. Rebuild Surfaces to create uniform meshes.

As you can see, the surface network shown above is not a series of surfaces that can be called uniform. In order to create a series of uniform surfaces, we should rebuild all of the surfaces to create a series of meshes that are uniform.

Before this is done, some thought should be given to the distribution of detail in the model. We should plan on having more subdivisions in the areas where there needs to be a lot of deformation and visual detail, and less subdivisions where there is little or no deformation or detail.

There should also be one part of the model that should be considered the focus of the model. For this model, we will start with the mouth. The mouth will be put through the maximum amount of deformation. The subdivisions for the rest of the surfaces will align up with the subdivisions that we choose for the mouth.

Using a number that was chosen to give a "medium" res model the adequate amount of detail, The surfaces around the mouth are rebuilt. The "Uniform Knots" option is chosen, and the subdivisions for the surface we are rebuilding are plugged in.

rebuild dialog box
Rebuilt Surfaces around Mouth Second Row of Rebuilt Surfaces
rebuild mouth surfs rebuild second row
Notice how the surfaces in the second row do not align with the surfaces in the first row. On the next page we will begin to address the alignment of the rebuilt surfaces.