Initial Surfaces 2

3. Surfaces around the Eye.

The diagrams below show a step-by-step process used to create the surfaces of the eye. Keep in mind that all of the surfaces below were created using Bi-Rail -2+ generation curves option for creating surface profiles. Aside from that these images are somewhat self-explanatory.
Surface of Lower Eye Area Surface of Upper Eye Area
eye surf 1 eye surf 2
Surface of Lower Eye Lid Surface of Side Eye Area
eye surf 3 eye surf 4
Surface of Upper Eye Lid
eye surf 5
3. Finishing Up Initial Surfaces

The rest of the surfaces are primarily Square surfaces. Since the process requires that all surfaces are to be rebuilt to get isoparms to align, the tangency options in the Square surfaces are turned on.

The first 2 Square surface (labeled #1 and #2) finish the area of the eye. The third surface is a Bi-Rail surface with 2+ generation curves turned on.
The initial surface network is finished up using Square surfaces in the nostril area.

Please refer to the Alignment Tools page for more information about the square surfaces.
Surfaces around Nose.
finishing up