Curve Network

This section shows the construction of the lines using digitized data as a foundation. The digitized data is shown in green lines.

 1. Create Flow Lines Across Entire Head.

Starting from the mouth and eyes, draw NURBS curves from the edges of the radial mouth and eye regions towards the back of the head. These lines will be used later during the construction of the initial surfaces.

Tips on creating usable splines for Curve Network.:

1. Use "Edit Points" to draw splines wherever possible. While you draw splines across other splines it will be necessary to connect splines to each other. Only by using "Edit Points" can you guarantee that the splines will intersect.

2. Draw continuous splines across the entire model whenever possible. By drawing continuous splines you can visualize the changes in the surface while maintaining smoothness across the model. If you create short splines that meet in the middle of the model, you are pretty much guaranteeing that there will be a break in the continuity of the surfaces.
Horizontal Lines on Digitized Data
horizontal lines

2. Create Radial Lines to Create Patch Boundaries.

Using the flow lines that you created in the previous step, create radial lines that begin to define the areas that are to be turned into individual patches. When you are creating curves, be sure to use the Curve->Edit Point method to construct the curves. Using CV's to construct the curves will not insure that the curves intersect each other, and will not allow patches to be built from the curves.
Radial Lines on Digitized Data
radial lines
3. The Nose
Nose Corner Detail 
nose Corner Detail 
The nose and nostrils are difficult to create. I have shown here a detail of the nostril region. I have used the 5-cornered patch technique to create the corner of the nose.
Nostril Detail 
nostril Detail 
In this area I used a row of patches that follow the nostril. 
4. The Rest of the Curves

curve network side
The finished curve network can be seen above. The green digitized lines have been removed for clearer viewing.