Inspired 3D: Organic Texture Mapping Tutorial — Part 1 (continued from page 1)

[Figures 3 & 4] (left and center) These images show the model being checked in Maya for discontinuities and stretching.
[Figure 5] (right) Using the color in the test map to examine the wing.
The side view, a top view, and a bottom view need to be rendered. These images should include the full view of the bird (Figures 6-8). The front view is required to texture map the face, so the face should be larger in the frame for this image (Figure 9). These images will be used as templates for placing photographic images.

[Figures 6, 7, 8] (top left, top right and bottom left) Orthographic views of the entire model were rendered.
[Figure 9] (bottom left) An orthographic view of the face was rendered.
Creating the Look with Scans
The next step in the process is to acquire photographic reference and begin scanning it to create texture maps. At this point many novices will ask: “What is the challenge in that? Anyone can scan and drop.” Well, yes and no. Anyone can do it, but very few do it well. In film and television, you are commonly creating something that has to match a live or existing subject. At the very least, you are matching a background plate, and starting with photos or scans is more efficient. The more photographic reference you can get, the more realistic the finished product will be.

Anything that is scanned from print material, such as books and magazines, will need to be de-screened. De-screening is a setting that is available in most scanning software packages. Also, if copyrighted material is used, it should be used according to the laws regarding such material.

In production, images, such as photos taken on the set, conceptual paintings and inspirational photos, will often be supplied for texture reference. It may be necessary to take additional photographs. The texture mapper should be ready and able to take reference photographs when needed. It is part of the job and is cleaner in all ways over print and Internet material.

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