Inspired 3D: Subdivision Modeling Techniques (continued from page 4)

[Figures 20-25] Blend shapes that affect larger, less localized areas of the face.
I was careful to try to keep the mouth blend shapes from affecting any other regions, and the eye blend shapes localized to the eye region. In this way, these particular shapes were hybrid global/local blend shapes. They affected an entire area, but only the area intended to animate, not the entire face.

When I was creating the localized blend shapes, the areas that were affected stayed on one side of the face. There were many shapes not shown here that broke each part of the face into even smaller regions. These regions were isolated to areas like one eye (Figures 26 and 27), one eyebrow (Figure 29) or one corner of the mouth (Figure 30).

[Figures 26-31] Localized blend shapes.
Most blend shapes are modeled about 20% past the most extreme point where the animator is expected to use them. This allows for more elastic animation and gives greater flexibility when combining blend shapes.

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